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This book was written for the purpose of showing what the Egyptian Masonic Rite of Memphis really is; as some of the Craft have not had the advantages of Masonic libraries, and have been made to believe that it is an innovation on the other Rites or Systems.... The Masonic order of Memphis is...the sole depository of high Masonic science, the true primitive rite, the supreme rite, that which has come down to us without any alteration.... In fine, the Rite of Memphis is the true Masonic tree, and all other systems, whatever they may be, are only detached branches of this institution, rendered respectable by its vast antiquity. This book is THE ONLY HISTORICAL WORK IN PRINT COVERING THE EVOLUTION OF THE RITE OF MEMPHIS IN THE UNITED STATES by one of its original members and leaders. It includes the complete texts of documents not obtainable elsewhere and also fascinating extracts from numerous rituals of the Rite of Memphis (including the Rose Croix) before it was abbreviated by Harry J. Seymour and/or John Yarker. Also included are the complete texts of the Forty-third Degree, Adept Installator, Forty-fourth Degree, Grand Consecrator, and Forty-fifth Degree, Grand Eulogist rituals.

358 pages, 15.3 MB, PDF. Scan. ... istory.pdf

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