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This stimulating and important study provides evidence for a potent transformative tradition within the esoteric consciousness of the West. Drawing on material from hitherto disregarded sources, RJ. Stewart reconstructs the key to a true understanding of Western esoteric lore, suggesting that the bulk of so-called Western occultism is an intellectual fabrication derived mainly from nineteenth-century sources. The authentic magical tradition of the west, the author claims, is concerned with the UnderWorld Initiation, a powerful system of altering consciousness in a dynamic and far-reaching manner, the central symbols of which survive in songs and ballads whose roots are in the Celtic and pre-Celtic past.

Among the subjects covered are:

* the non-Qabalistic Tree of Life
* the emasculating role of psychology in esoteric studies
* the Summoning of Ancestors
* the Dark Queen and the Seer
* the Tongue that Cannot Lie

319 pages, 15 MB, PDF. ... iation.pdf

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