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Vital Lehodey - The Ways of Mental Prayer

„Since, then, mental prayer is so vital an element in our contemplative life, we ought to esteem it, to love it, and to apply ourselves to it with a holy ardour. But it is a divine art, and by no means one of the easiest to acquire. Beginners require to learn a method of prayer, just as even the most intelligent apprentice must be initiated into the secrets of his trade. They will find is useful to know the various processes which may serve as substitutes for meditation, in order not to remain idle when this latter fails them. Those who are making progress, as well as those who are still more advanced in the ways of prayer, have need to know when they should pass on to affective prayer or to active contemplation, and how they should conduct themselves therein. Later on, should it please God to raise souls to the different degrees of mystical contemplation, and this ought not to be of rare occurrence amongst religious, especially in a contemplative Order, they will need to have a clear light thrown upon their road and an experienced guide to direct their steps. Otherwise the soul would be exposed to all kinds of illusions. This is what makes many promising beginners stand still upon the road, or keep performing the goose-step upon the same spot without ever advancing; they have not a sufficient knowledge of this art of prayer, which should be the groundwork of their whole life.“

448 pages, 25.7 MB, PDF. Scan.

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