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Isaac Myer - Qabbalah, The Philosophical Writings of Ibn Gebirol

"The Qabbalah: The Philosophical Writings Of Solomon Ben Yehudah Ibn Gebirol Or Avicebron And Their connection with the Hebrew Qabbalah and Sepher ha-Zohar, with remarks upon the antiquity and content of the latter, and translations of selected passages from the same. Also An Ancient Lodge of Initiates, Translated From The Zohar, And an abstract upon the Chinese Qabbalah, contained in the book called the Yih King; a translation of part of the Mystic Theology of Dionysios, the Aeropagite; and an account of the construction of the ancient Akkadian and Chaldean Universe, etc. Accompanied by Diagrams and Illustrations"

Such is the title of an admirably thoughtful, learned, and very conscientious volume by Mr. Isaac Myer, LL.B., of Philadelphia, U.S.A.

As this new work is of an extreme importance to all students of the Kabala and the Hermetic Sciences in general, it is proposed to devote to it rather a lengthy review. In the present case “the labourer is (fully) worthy of his hire,” and no passing notice could answer either the author’s or our own object. Therefore, his Qabbalah has to be examined both from the standpoint of its own intrinsic value— which is very great and from that of the aim with which it was written. We will begin by the latter, basing our remarks on the declarations of the author himself. Says Mr. I. Myer in his “Introduction”

530 pages, 10.8 MB, PDF. Scan. ... birol.html

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