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S. Pancoast - The Kabbala Or, The True Science of Light

An Introduction to the Philosophy and Theosophy of the Ancient Sages together with a chapter on Light in the Vegetable Kingdom; "This little volume, devoted to the True Science of Light, especially in its relations to life and health, and its applicability as a remedy in disease, is affectionately and respectfully dedicated by the author." S. Pancoast was a physician to H.P. Blavatsky. Contents: Ancient Ideas of Light and Heat; True Science of Light-Truths and Theories-What we Know, and What we Believe; Light Manifested in Atmospheric Electricity and in Terrestrial Magnetism; Material Forms and Vital Dynamics; Human Organism and its Vital Dynamics; Centres and Original Source of Vital Dynamics within the Human Organism, and the Great Actual Source; How to Assist Nature in Banishing Disease from the Human Organism; Light and its Rays Nature's Own and Only Remedies for Disease-How to apply Light to the Human Organism; Light in the Vegetable Kingdom; Light the Sole Source of Life-Light the Developer of Material Forms-Forms Developed Solely to Manifest Life-Light Nature's Means of Preserving Life-Hence, Light Nature's Means of Banishing Disease by Restoring the Equilibrium that Constitutes Health.

331 pages, 10 MB, PDF. Scan. ... Light.html

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